Today in Free: The Hollywood Bowl Museum

Often on our minds is how best to save dough while still indulging in the many fruits of this go-go-go, so-much-to-savor entertainment capital. It can be daunting, that balance between wallet and want-to-do-something-now. More than daunting. Undoable.

But there's no stress in heading for the Hollywood Bowl Museum at, where else, the Hollywood Bowl. It's free, so free, we'd stand up on the Hollywood Bowl stage and sing "free" in a verse if they would let us (and if we were them, we wouldn't), and the exhibits? Quite engrossing, especially if you've ever listened to a song. What, you have? We bet you'll like it.

Of course, the focus is on the notably long and storied history of the fabulous, be-shelled Bowl, and the many musicians, both classical and classic rocker-ish, who've strutted its massive stage. It's not a huge place -- don't come expecting something the size of LACMA -- but the pieces within the museum intrigue. We liked the collection of backstage passes (Gwen Stefani's was a favorite) and the book where you yourself can write about your most favorite Hollywood Bowl show. The answers are amusing and moving, to say the least. (P.S. Who saw Monty Python there back in the '70s? We are Jealous, capital J.)

So, free. So, music-licious. And parking is a snap (definitely this time of year, when the Bowl is dark). So, are you going? We hope.

Hollywood Bowl Museum
2301 N. Highland, Hollywood
Winter hours: Tuesday-Friday 10AM-5PM; Saturday by appointment

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