Today in Meat

We don't know why there've been more unusual meat headlines as of late. It was all bacon all the time in 2008. Spam had, again, its lip-smacking moment in the culinary spotlight. And then we see many an unusual, meat-based dish on one of our favorite blogs, the delicately titled This is why you're fat. And while The Cornhole -- a full corn on the cob wrapped in bacon -- and the Hot Beef Sundae intrigue, a recent entry for The Bacone dropped our jaw and left it there.

And we thought waffle and sugar cones were the zenith of edible cone technology. Really, can anything be made into a cone? Food industry, we're throwing down the gauntlet.

But The Bacone isn't the only strange 'n savory item on our minds today. Boing Boing is talking about business cards that don't contain paper, but possibly pepper. They're made out of jerky, and printed with a business name/logo, and we're not quite convinced that they will fit snugly onto our Rolodex or in our card holder. But then we haven't tried yet.

If you need more meaty headlines, Meatsicle is practically sizzling with them.

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