Tonight: David Sedaris in Long Beach

The humorist is at the Terrace Theater.

DAVID SEDARIS: Devoted readers -- and we're talking about the people who not only pull out "The Santaland Diaries" every Christmas, but who stage it in their living rooms for loved ones -- want a new book. But we're happy that, until that day arrives, we can go see this singular humorist live, on stage, doing the things that humorists do live and on stage. At the Terrace Theater in Long Beach

HOLA MEXICO FILM FESTIVAL: It's the final night of the traveling cinefest (LA was stop #1). Look for two movies -- "Perpetuum Mobile" and "To the Sea" -- plus music, food, sips, DJing and the closing night fiesta. It's happening at ArcLight Hollywood.

TOONS IN DRAG: Cartoon-ologist Jerry Beck is once again at the mic. Outfest is co-presenting. Cinefamily is the mirthful organizer. Silent Movie is the spot. And on the screen? Famous animated characters in drag. Think Bugs in lipstick and a shoulder-revealing blouse. You remember. 8 p.m.

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