Top List of Easy-Breezy Bites

Summer. Hello? Are you there? We're trying really hard not to put a knitted muffler on when we go out after 9PM, or mittens. We exaggerate, but June Gloom this year has been especially gloomy. Maybe next year we can all vote and go with June Bloom, full of flowers and warm mornings?

That said, we know the mere act of typing all this may bring on the roasty days we find ourselves missing. And once those sidewalk-sizzling afternoons arrive, we'll be looking to sip iced teas and mojitos under trees and by the waves.

It's an easy thing to do, the-sipping-of-iced-teas-in-the-sunshine, at least in Southern California. OpenTable agrees; its list of 2009 Annual Winners for Great Outdoor Dining has just debuted, and the rundown is thick with local spots. A few: Dominick's in West Hollywood, Beachcomber Cafe, Geoffrey's of Malibu, Zin Bistro in Westlake Village.

This is a list every alfresco fan should print and front-and-center on the fridge; situations have shown us that the question "where can we go to eat outside?" sometimes draws a long pause as various noggins in the room get scratched.

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