Traveler to Clip Clop Near Camellias

The USC horse is stopping by the gardens.

A horse in nature is a beautiful if oft-seen sight.

But a celebrity horse in a world-famous garden? Less common and quite notable. That particular pairing is happening on Wednesday, Nov. 17 when Traveler, the gorgeous USC Trojan horse often seen near the sidelines of games, clip-clops into Descanso Gardens.

He's not stopping by to enjoy the fall bloomings and gold-turning leaves here and there (although we suspect he might anyway); the noble animal is actually visiting a Kiwanis Lunch.

Truth: Traveler's schedule is far busier than our own. Inspired.

And can we also make note that he has his own web site? If there's a Traveler-based app in the works, we won't be surprised.

If you were thinking of going Descanso anyway, before winter sets in (and here we giggle, just a little bit, because winter in Southern California just brings *more* flowers; oh, we're all spoiled and it is pointless to act otherwise), take a look at what's in bloom. The gardens famous camellias are here and there, of course. And a bud nicknamed "Naked Ladies" is flowering also, if you find that intriguing. We think some might.

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