Trolley Dances

Trolley Dances

SITE SWEET: What fan of unusual settings in the art doesn't perk up at the promise of the site-specific dance performance? Any show that takes it to the streets -- or, as LA's own Heidi Duckler has done, to the laundromats -- is flush with intrigue. After all, once can anticipate how a dancer might present his work on stage (not always, of course, but a static stage sans props, perhaps). But how will a ballerina twirl alongside a trolley? It's not an everyday occurrence. But it will be happening starting on Friday, Sept. 23 when the San Diego Dance Theater shakes it and leaps at six stops along the Green MTS Trolley Line.

THE MOVING SEAT: So not only will you get to spy spins and poses in the great outdoors, but you won't need to leave your seat to take in multiple scenes (well, we can't promise you won't want to go peek out an opposite window). We like this idea. The moving seat. It almost sounds like a sci-fi concept from the heyday of the '50s monster film, but applied to offbeat dance and San Diego transportation. It'll be a grand and idea-tickling day out, for sure, but the days of the Trolley Dance won't be long; Sept. 23 is the opening day, and it closes for another year on Sunday, Oct. 2. It's only during the weekends, and only on during certain times, and a general ticket is $30. This is our thought. We know a lot of the riders will be expecting to see dancers alongside the tracks; what of the people who enter the station who do not? Will they think they've just entered a flash mob or performance art piece? Watch the looks on their faces as well.

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