“Tron” Skate Night

Neon up and head for the World on Wheels.

5. Lucky (Male), Coco (Female)
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"Tron: Legacy" is still over a month from release, and yet the various be-"Tron"-ing of things has already begun in anticipation. This is good and right. After all, people are no longer putting elbow grease into their Halloween costumes, and they haven't yet begun decorating for the holidays. In short, they want a creative outlet, and they want someplace to go show off what they've done.

That place: World on Wheels. That day: Monday, Nov. 8. The theme: "TRON SKATE." Like the posting says, no lightbikes won't be allowed out on the rink, but bet you yourself can come wearing your neonest, glowiest outfit and desire to glide, like a little blocky player in a video game might.

WUMPSKATE is the merrymaking org behind this one; they do ask you to RSVP, "Tron"-ers. That's easy; you have some sort of technology at your fingertips, yes? It's six bucks to get in, which is 24 quarters, if you're counting at home.

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