Truer Words: The Love Wins Tee

LOVE WINS T-SHIRT: Everyone's pretty fickle about what messages they broadcast from the torso region. You want to be choosy, of course, about what you're putting out there via your clothing. But this is something we can all agree on: Love Wins. Who'd argue? From elefint. $20

MIRTH CHARDONNAY: We're always searching out the oaky, buttery, woodsy, cotton-y notes in a wine. We never, ever make up something -- say, candlewax -- just to make our friends laugh. Well, we try. This wine, via the Colorado Wine Company, has hints of Meyer lemon. One of the best lemons, we can all agree. And a different flavor for chard. $10.99 per bottle

REPETTO GREEN SUEDE FLATS: It was the green that first hooked us. Bright green shoes. There's something magical there. And then the suede. And the pert little flats with bow bit pulled us in as well. We think there's some prancing to do in these. Maybe even frolicking. Via Fred Segal Trend. $210

STUFFED MONKEY RATTLES: From Alimrose Designs. Most baby shower attendees are always on the prowl for that make-the-crowd-ohh-and-ahh gift. Even if none of their friends are due at the moment. These rattles are ooh-and-ahh-inspiring; after all, monkeys. Monkeys with stripes and polka dots. Monkeys named Simon and Simone. The room is sure to raise their mimosas to your gift. Via La La Ling. $36

OWL BAG: Because maybe we're still in a lingering "Harry Potter" mood. Because we like owls. Because they are wise. Because a small canvas tote is handy. Because we like the green straps (re: green affection; see above). Because we're very hard on our bags and always need a replacement. Bungalow 360, via Polkadots & Moonbeams. $48

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