Trust, But Verify: This Cake Is Chocolate

Westlake Village Four Season's Pastry Chef David Laufer leads a crew of ten, baking and building the official Reagan Centennial Birthday Cake.

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Jennifer Bjorklund
The 400 pound chocolate birthday cake at the Reagan Presidential Library will be topped with this chocolate eagle. The eagle's wingspan is two feet, and the cake will be six feet tall.
Four Season's Pastry Chef David Laufer is heading up the team which is baking and constructing the five layer cake, which will be topped with Reagan's favorite black Jelly Bellies. He's holding an artist's rendition.
Jennifer Bjorklund
The Seal of the President of the United States, along with the California State shield and photos of Ronald Reagan from various eras of his life will decorate the cake's tiers.
Jennifer Bjorklund
120 pounds of butter are going into this thing!
Jennifer Bjorklund
These are the pans for the top tier of the cake, which is 20 inches across.
Jennifer Bjorklund
Laufer and his crew will spend about 160 hours working on this project.
Jennifer Bjorklund
The photos are printed on rice paper with edible ink, then glazed with sugar.
Jennifer Bjorklund
Doing the buttercream shuffle ... with only one ginormous mixer on hand, batches of cake batter and buttercream are rotated through at breakneck speed.
Jennifer Bjorklund
Did we mention they're making 1,650 cupcakes too?
Each will be served in a little commemorative box, topped with President Reagan's favorites (Jelly Bellies) and the Presidential seal. A fitting tribute for the President who always kept an emergency chocolate cake aboard Air Force One, just in case someone on board was celebrating a birthday!
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