Tubas, Tinsel and a Longtime LA Tradition

Brassy vibes ring out as tuba players gather and toot.

Is it possible to even stage a ye olde scene on some cobblestone street in a film without having a man in a holly-bedecked top hat blowing at a tuba?

Just asking. We have the answer, though: It is not possible. The tube and the holidays go way back, in our hearts, minds, and ears, and the instruments deep ba-ba-bamping lends old carols the way-back touch they need.

TubaChristmas gets this concept and has for decades. In short, it is a gathering-together of tuba players in cities around the nation; there are several in California in 2010 alone. There are instructions to the musicians on how to prepare, but one of our favorite suggestions is the all caps "WEAR BRIGHT COLORS."

The Los Angeles Tuba Christmas will ba-ba-bamp in Glendale on Sunday, Dec. 12. There will be bright colors worn, there will be tubas decorated in tinsel and baublery, there will be traditional songs played with a sonorous, seasonal joy.

Oh, and it is free, at least to watch/listen. Ba-ba-bamp, indeed.

It's the 35th anniversary of the event in LA, we'll note. If any event is looking to be inspired by other events that have become beloved traditions 'round these parts, they only need to look to TubaChristmas for pointers. "WEAR BRIGHT COLORS" is a very good place to start.

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