Tuesday's Best at Farmers Market

A new weekly confab spotlights great deals and fresh dishes.

Tuesday. Dear, dear Tuesday.

Do you look at Friday, your co-weekday, with longing? After all, it seems to get more than its fair share of lively happenings and foodie events and tuneful shows. Not you, though. You're the official end of the start of the week, which doesn't come with a lot of fun extras.

But take heart, Tuesday; Farmers Market is seeking to change your reputation. The Third & Fairfax landmark is introducing Tuesday's Best, a multi-week event that will created a weekend atmosphere on a middle-of-the-week night (we personally think it is always feels like the weekend at Farmers Market, regardless of day, but we can only imagine Tuesday's Best will boost that particular sensation).

The Tuesday night get-together will feature cooking demos and live music and snacky specials. It kicks off on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

First up on the cooking demos? Alex Pages of Little Spain'll be doing his delectable paella. Jimmy Shaw of Loteria will be demoing, too. And Sushi a Go Go'll teach hand-rolling to interested parties.

Plus, the brassy music comes courtesy of Ellas Son Mariachi (yep, it's an all-female group).

It's free to attend, like most things at the Market. And it's running from 5 to 9 p.m. every Tuesday night through Oct. 11. Our only two wishes right now? That it will run well past October, because Tuesday nights need something a bit special. And our other wish? For a piece of Littlejohn's toffee. Not a small piece, either. Like. A slab o' toffee.

But then that wish is something we're wishing most days of the week.

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