Tweet the Correct Guess, Taste the Free Wine

Wine people: Can you guess a label via tweets?

Drago Centro

The making-food biz has truly arrived in our 140-character times.

It wasn't all that long ago that Neal Fraser of Grace whipped up a little sea urchin dish courtesy of people tweeting suggestions. Now sommelier Michael Shearin of Drago Centro is sending out Twitter-y clues about various vinos. The prize? The bottle of wine, if you are the first follower to make the correct guess. (You'll be drinking it at Drago, note.)

The guess-and-win game made solely for grown-ups kicked off on Monday, October 26th and will run on Mondays for the foreseeable future. You can follow along and even show off your grape-based acumen at @DragoCentro on Twitter.

And how difficult are the clues? Here's the one from October 26th: "Made from a grape that's native to its region however, it's that region's 2nd most important grape. Sometimes aged in oak."

A winner knew his vintages and named it (Sommelier Shearin was talking about Prunotto Costamiole Barbera d'Asti '00, but then you probably knew that).

Do you know your sips? Log onto @DragoCentro on Monday, November 2nd and enjoy the virtual wine tasting.

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