Twitterin’ Trucks Nab National News Love

It's that time again.


The LA food trucks have been in our hearts (and stomachs) for, well. Years now, but when national news takes note, we feel a swelling of local pride.

Can you feel local pride over a foodstuff you only eat? That you don't, yourself, make? We think so.

That pride swelled to major proportions when CBS Sunday Morning gave a number of our one-of-a-kind griddles-on-wheels the national shout-out over the weekend. With that in mind, and since Twitter recently introduced the oh-so-helpful Lists feature, and we can only assume you've got a list devoted to LA food trucks, we'll round-up the ones CBS spotlighted here:

@Marked5 ("Japanese Style Burgers") 

@BorderGrill ("Gourmet tacos" and more)

@COOLHAUS (gourmet ice cream sammies)

@kogibbq (Korean BBQ Taco Truck)

@Letsbefrank ("Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs")

Question: Can all five be enjoyed in one day? We're sure someone has a Twitter challenge going already.

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