Two Boots Soon to Arrive in Los Angeles

tlmd_8371104225_c46634c686_z southbeachcars / Phillip Pessar

When we're in New York City, we're all over one of the city's favorite pizza chains like Fontina gooped up on a triple-sausage-hold-the-mushrooms pie. So when we heard that Two Boots was headed for the West Coast -- the first outpost the eatery chain will open outside the Tri-State area -- we instantly set about attempting (and failing) to lose five pounds in preparation for putting five pounds back on over the course of a single evening. Los Angeles, prepare to meet meat-and-cheese-heaven on round, silver platter.

The restaurant's site has said "Coming Soon" for, well, years, but we received the happy news from affable owner Phil Hartman a few weeks back: Two Boots is opening next to The Echo in mere weeks. Yes, we said mere, so hurry that good stuff up, pizza people. We're actually wondering if it may be sooner than that, even; the Times gives mention to Two Boots this morning, so we've got to believe the ovens are warming up even now.

Oh, did we talk about the piquant, peppery Bloody Marys served in twee glass boots? The salads that could feed four? The kind-of-mellow-marvelous fact that, every time we called upon the Park Slope outpost, vintage James Taylor and Carly Simon seemed to be rocking the sound system? You know it. (BTW: Two Boots=the two boot-shaped regions of Italy and Louisiana, a clue into the spicy nature of the cuisine.)

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