Two Burbank Shoe Shops We're All Laced-Up About

You have the basics -- heel, ball, toes -- and then you just put some material around the whole general area. Right? If only it were that simple. And yet, two Burbank-based shoe shops are truly taking time with their clients' needs, their clients' wishes, and, of course, their clients' all-important feet. Rarely has the truism that we must be nice to those appendages at the very tippy-end of our body seemed more well served.

GRISHA'S CUSTOM SHOES: He's an artisan who has created one-of-a-kind footwear for the likes of Dolly Parton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, not to mention a coterie of other stars. Why do the celebs turn out for shoes that can run into the thousands of dollars? Well, let's start with the fact that Grisha Nazarian has been creating top-notch footwear for over half a century. And people can come into the shop with their own concepts/flights of footwear-inspired fancy. The Burbank Leader says the man may favor flip-flops while he's working, but, if you purchase a pair of Grisha's, you'll be walking out with shoes you'll likely have for decades. Makes us so pleased to think about that, in a society that values turnover. Footwear can be forever... Grisha's Custom Shoes, 2807 N. Glenoaks Boulevard, Burbank. 818-955-8085

BARE SOLE: They've got a funky vibe, they come in a lively variety of styles, and the cobblers at the helm will work with you to make that heel higher/lower/chunkier/kittenish. The element that caught our eye is the strap issue. Basically, the base of the shoe is your starting point, and then leather cords or fabric-y ribbons can be laced through. Other accessories, like coral hoops and beads, can be added. The upshot? You've got a different shoe every day, with just the change of a strap. How much are we liking that in this economy? Much. It reminds us of those watches back in the '80s. You know the ones: new ring around the face, new watch. Nifty. Bare Sole, 3414 W. Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank. 818-848-7653

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