Two Shooting Incidents Blocks Apart Claim Two Lives in Compton

Two shooting incidents only blocks apart took two lives and hospitalized three others in Compton Sunday.

During the noon hour, a man was shot to death on the 1500 block of Long Beach Boulevard, according to a statement issued by Deputy Charles Moore of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Headquarters Bureau.

Hours later, 12 blocks to the south, gunfire mortally wounded a 17-year-old girl behind the wheel of a car, and at least three others required hospital treatment, said LASD Lt. Scott Hoglund.

The victims were struck just west of Long Beach Boulevard, in or near a narrow, alley-like road known as Crane Avenue, according to Hoglund.  On the other side, separated by a fence, is the playground of Optimal Christian Academy, an elementary school where hundreds had gathered for a dance exhibition featuring clowns.

No one on the playground was hurt.

The car with the 17-year-old continued north two blocks until it crashed into cars parked outside homes. Neighbors called 911 and ran to help. The victim was taken to a hospital but did not survive.

A passenger in the vehicle struck by gunfire jumped out and ran south, saying his brother had been shot, according to one of the neighbors.

Of the two wounded adults, one was treated and transported to a hospital, according to Battalion Chief Anthony Adams of the Compton Fire Department. Another shooting victim had left the scene before paramedics arrived and went to a hospital in a private car.  A 14-year-old girl who fled to safety by scrambling over the schoolyard fence was treated for a wound in her hand.

The shots appeared to come from the direction of the boulevard, Hoglund said.

Several of the dance performers denounced the recklessness of the shooting so close to an event for children.

"Whoever did it, y'all cowards," said one of the dancers who clustered outside the scene, yet to change from his show costume.

Two days earlier, eruption of gunfire inside a house in the 600 block of West Palmer Street struck three people and killed two. One of the victims was identified Monday as 65-year-old Eddie Talley, Jr. Talley's wife was wounded, and a teenage daughter died.

Jamie Williams, 43, was arrested and booked for murder.

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