Two Is a Trend: Chef Swag Bags

It's no understatement when we say today's chefs are rock stars: They have avid fans, people who pay good, hard-earned money to see them in person; more and more are recognizable on the street; they have their own stalkarazzi (coughbloggerscough); and they even get swag when they attend or perform (cook) at big fancy events. We didn't see them, but we heard chefs who particpated in Los Angeles Magazine's From the Vine event last Sunday got a bag filled with goodies like eco-friendly bamboo salt and pepper grinders, fancy chefs knives, vinegars from Terra Sonoma, Julie Bristro jewelry, Acme Studio desk pens, and Alchemia vodka among other things. It got even sweeter in Vegas: The Michelin-starred chefs (and various, ahem, VIPs) who went to the poolside party a few weeks ago got iPod Nanos from the Wynn---uploaded, of course, with a "personal" video greeting from Michelin's Jean-Luc Naret. When they start to have James Beard gifting suites, we know it's getting out of hand.
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