Ultimate Date Night at Cavallo Point

CAVALLO-BASED CANOODLING: Sometimes, when peering at a potential hotel's web site, you look at the pictures of the place and wonder where in the world it might be, even with the address in front of you. That is not the case with Marin County's Cavallo Point, which has the Golden Gate Bridge for a backdrop, or perhaps a frontdrop is a better way to describe it. In other words, it has a pretty romantic location, being up against a city one or two people have called romantic, making it an ultimate place for an Ultimate Date Night.

LOVEY DEAL: The lodge's Ultimate Date Night package includes several goodies, like your choice between a contemporary or historic room. There's also the Murray Circle restaurant tasting menu, a continental breakfast the following morning, spa access, and a yoga lesson. Oh yeah. Plush robe-ville for sure. This starts at $450, if you're making your February hearts plans now. Which you probably should, since the second half of January has now truly gotten going.

PLUS PARKING: Must add that, too. Always helpful. Once parking is taken care, then you're wearing that in-room robe faster, which is all anyone really wants.

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