Underwood Farms: Spring Easter Fest

The Moorpark animals-and-agriculture spread will host the Easter Bunny over several days in April.

THE EASTER BUNNY... must be a very considerate and thoughtful listener, what with those long, looooong ears and all. Also? He happily, hoppily heads to wherever families gather in the springtime, and then proceeds to visit with all of the little ones for a quick snapshot, a hug, and maybe some serious conversation about jelly beans and why finding hidden eggs can be such a challenge. And Mr. E.B. is on his way to a very special place, in Moorpark, and while we don't know if he'll hippity-hop north up the 23, or west along the 118, we do know that he'll arrive at Underwood Family Farms beginning on Saturday, April 1. We know, that is a holiday based on yuks and pranks, but this is no joke: The sweet animals-and-agriculture destination is launching its light-of-heart Easter Springtime Festival on the first day of the month. That's two weeks, and a day, before...

EASTER, so you'll have time to say hello to the regal rabbit before the big occasion arrives, should you want those cute photos ahead of the holiday. There shall be other to-dos, too, around the property, like a "Giant Easter Basket Photo Opportunity," Farmer Craig's Chicken Show, gunny sack races, the ol' egg 'n spoon showdowns, and wagon rides, the kind that have a tractor doing the pulling. There are cute critters, too, lots of them, from goats to chicks, so you'll want to spend some minutes, or, let's be honest, hours, cooing and squealing and generally making a fuss over all of the furry or feathery residents. Cost for the fest? Six dollars on weekdays, $10 on weekends, and the Easter Bunny, and all of the lively holiday goings-on, must hop, hop, hop away on Monday, April 17.

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