Unsung Elements of the Shamrockiest Day of the Year

THE SHAMROCK SHAKE: This creamy holiday staple from McDonald's has fans that might rival those who are mad for the McRib. In fact, we noticed an uptick of Shamrock Shake discussions online well in advance of the holiday this year. Does this mean the fast-food giant will bring the greened-out dessert drink to its restaurants all year long? Probably not, and that's okay. Because it just makes you crave the minty sip every March that much harder. There's a full-on Shamrock Shake Field Report, if you've been requiring one.

GREEN BEER: We know, we should go Guinness or Harp's, and we do, but there's something so utterly charming about food or drink that is dyed a particular color for one day only. It tastes the same. But sipping it puts one in a festive frame of mind. In fact, we highly recommend making everything you consume for the day green. You could be healthy, and choose broccoli, or you could put a few drops of food coloring in everything from your morning milk to your evening tea.

And what we used to like, as kids, but can't quite advocate now...

PINCHING PEOPLE NOT WEARING GREEN: We generally don't support it, because, like many people, we've been pinched way too hard by people who refuse to accept green in the eyes or slightly green threads in socks as "wearing green" (the pinchers always want you to be in head-to-toe emerald). Is there some chart somewhere that one can carry on St. Patrick's Day to prove to potential pinchers that one is wearing enough of a particular hue? If so, we'd print that baby out. How much green is enough? The eternal question.

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