Up with Downey

Charles Phoenix spends a day in Downey.

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Our own Downey is something of a triple threat.

After all, the city boasts music cred, courtesy of the Carpenters growing up there. It has film roots, and continually serves as a location and character in movies like "Pineapple Express" and "Short Cuts" (Tom Waits and Lily Tomlin, of course, called Downey home).

And the oldest McDonald's? In Downey. Chalk up food famous-ness to its triple talents. Now history-loving funnyman Charles Phoenix has built a whole day around the famous hallmarks of the city just a jump south-ish of downtown.

The date is Saturday, March 27, the hours are noon-5 p.m., the price is $75, and participants can expect a day packed with pop-culture-iana all themed to Downey. If you've done Mr. Phoenix's famous Disneyland tour of downtown Los Angeles, you know what to expect. Fun, banter, and lots of lookie-loo-ing.

Plus, you'll be introduced to Miss Downey. Serious. 

Question: Will there be a Carpenters-style singalong at some point in the day, maybe with Miss Downey joining in? Hot French fries eaten? New Downey-based discoveries made? There's a bit of magic in that city. We bet yes.

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