Upland’s Citrus-Sweet Weekend

Sign of summer #346? Lemons get a party.


SWEET AND SAVORY: If you were on a game show, and the clock was ticking down, and the host was giving you a serious "answer the question now" eye, and the category was "what foods can be both sweet and savory," would you be able to quickly name three of 'em? Even five? Foods and ingredients that can easily appear in the appetizer and dessert courses are not so common, but there are a few. Cinnamon is probably a good one, and most nuts, and peanut butter is the great kitchen chameleon. (Eat it in a stir fry and then eat it in a pie.) But also on the list, and deserving its applause, is the lemon. Think about it: Would you make guacamole without a lemon? Okay, maybe you'd substitute lime, but, still. The yellow citrus works as a savory flavor kick. And could you make a lemon ice or meringue without the fruit? No, you could not, especially since the fruit's name is in the very dish. For this reason, and others, we think that the lemon deserves the parties -- that's right, parties is plural there -- that it gets each year around California. And next up, at the end of April? Upland.

HAPPY LEMON FESTIVAL: The three-day fair is much more than a chance to snack up sour-good yummy snacks. There's a carnival and a family atmosphere to the long weekend, and a Western round-up, too. But lemons will still get their due, both in the foods sold -- bet you'll find a lemonade or two -- and in the lemon dessert contest. Citrus, of course, was and is a staple of the area, so consider that there's an historic angle, too, to the sunny-sweet revelries. Dates? Friday, April 26 through Sunday, April 28. Cost to get in? Free. Now that is a price one does not want to make a sour face over.

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