U.S.S. Enterprise Lands in Pomona

"(T)he world's largest Star Trek exhibit ever" is headed for LA County Fair.

THE PLANET OF MIDWAY RIDES: If Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock and a few red shirt-rockin' crew members had found themselves stepping out into an odd world filled with over-sized stuffed animals and calliope music and spinning rides and foods served on wooden sticks, what would the report be like that Kirk would deliver back to the U.S.S. Enterprise? Would there have been much marveling at the midway and the animal competition? Or would the captain firmly state that in all the galaxies he'd visited he'd never seen its equal? We're preeeetty sure that "Star Trek" never visited the Los Angeles County Fair -- or any terrestrial county fair, for that matter -- but that will change when the country's largest county fair welcomes "the world's largest Star Trek exhibition," a show set to feature costumes and props and storyboards and set pieces from all the films and all the television series. WE KNOW. Major.

The fair's opening date? That would be star date Friday, Aug. 30. The U.S.S. Enterprise will once again take to the skies, proverbially, at nearly the very end of September -- so, September 29th -- when the fair shutters for another year.

BUT YOU CAN GET YOUR TREK ON EARLY... if you've got a ticket for Las Vegas and the mega Creation Entertainment convention. That rolls from Thursday, Aug. 8 through Sunday, Aug. 11 in Sin City, and get this: They're going for the world's record of most people wearing Trek costumes in the same place at the same time. It's got to be well over a thousand. Well. Over. A. Thousand. Can you help make this happen, dear Trekker? 

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