Valentine’s/Anti-Valentine’s Celebration

Which side do you fall on?

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Honest? Honest. Even the break-up-iest of love stories usually has some pretty romantic qualities to it, if done right. So putting on a program of Valentine's/Anti-Valentine's movies doesn't necessarily mean that one film on the double-feature will be rife with kissy-kissy, and the next one will be full of fury.

Au contraire. If we look at ArcLight Cinemas, which is indeed indulging in such a program on Sunday, Feb. 13 and Monday, Feb. 14, we see films full of heart, regardless of whether they're being classified "Valentine's" or "Anti-Valentine's."

Here are some of the movies, and we'll let you determine, in your own mind, which category they fall in. "(500) Days of Summer." "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." "Breakfast at Tiffany's." "The Notebook."

A total of eight films will be double-featured at the four ArcLights on the nights listed above. One lovey-dovey, one break-up-y or problem-laden-y. But isn't that like a relationship? Happy Valentine's, indeed.

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