Vampires Haunt Los Angeles

Three days, big stars, plenty of golden-eyed hijinks.


It's all about timing, right?

If you're a vampire, you absolutely don't want to jump into your teenage girlfriend's bedroom until after her father has gone to bed. And if you're a major, multi-city convention, you'll want to land in one of the biggest locations the week when you are making headlines.

That convention: "Twilight." That headline maker: the "Eclipse" trailer, which debuted this week (the movie opens June 30). And that city: Los Angeles.

The mega all-things-"Twilight" party opens on Friday, March 12 and runs through Sunday, March 14. On the agenda: Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz appearances, high-spirited karaoke, a Volturi dress-up ball, and, our favorite, the centerpiece contest.

Yes, we're talking table centerpieces.That have vampire themes. Pictures are pre-delighting us. 

There are photo ops, autograph ops, all sorts of ops, and packages, and single-day tickets; all we're saying is timing. No leaping before you look; study up on what you want to do. And note that tickets will now need to be procured at the door, not online.

And no traveling to Forks, either. All the good-natured, fan-focused bloodsuckery is going down at the Marriott at the airport.

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