Vegas, Meet 2011. Yes. Already.

10, 9, 8, 7... We will compare it to waiting for spring's first crocus. (We get crocuses in Los Angeles, right?) We're referring to the first sign of the first New Year's party. It always arrives earlier than we think it will. Often near the end of summer. And it always comes from Las Vegas, which cheers us no end. We just got word that Alizé at the Top of the Palms has its full-on, Chef André Rochat-planned menu ready for Dec. 31, 2010. There will be pan-roasted pheasant breast. There will be caviar of the Hackleback en gelée sort. There will be fancy piled on the fancy with a fancy garnish. 

RESERVATIONS: Call 702-951-7000. Oh, price is $150 for the early seating, $295 for the later. You're wearing something slinky that's covered in a million sequins, right?

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