Vegas Neon Museum’s December to Remember

Watch the Sin City signs sparkle with seasonal spunk.

Neon Museum

NEON NOËL: The holiday season and lights of the twinkliest sort are an expected pairing, but we can enjoy bright lights out of the December loop, too. They very often arrive in the form of a large neon sign, especially the old-school signs that boast a glittery starburst or whimsical script. There's something very festive to an elaborately designed neon sign, in short, and one can get that yuletide-y thrill, or at least momentary happiness, any time of the year upon seeing one. There is a place in Sin City that's gathered together some of the most iconic ye olde signs, signs that no longer stand on The Strip, for safe-keeping and care. It's the Neon Museum, a boneyard of sorts where casino billboards and tubes that once lit up the desert sky have found a final resting place. But it's a resting place that's not too restful, as the museum frequently does it up, come the holidays, with a special happening or two. In 2014 it's all about a December to Remember, on Saturday, Dec. 13.

DECEMBER TO REMEMBER: As you might guess, this is an afternoon-into-evening event, meaning you'll get to enjoy the giant signs, which sit not up but on or near the ground, during the sunlight and starlight. The event starts with the making of holiday ornaments -- ohhh, now we're picturing a tree full of neon ornaments, pretty pretty -- and ends with cocoa and Boneyard holiday concert presented by the Las Vegas Academy Choir. That starts at 5 p.m., just after sunset, and the signs? They'll do some holiday-color-y showing off, with reds, greens, and golds all lit up.

IF YOU CAN'T BE THERE... on the 13th, you can still sign up for a post-sundown tour and spy the seasonal lights, neon sign-style. That's on through Jan. 1. Whether it is the yuletide or not, though, neon will forever be a bit festive, regardless of what it is advertising or the date on the calendar. Glow on, neon signs of the world, glow on.

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