Ventura with a Head of Foam

California Beer Festival

HOW BIG? So, really. What's the size of the California Beer Festival? Consider the fact that it is a celebration that actually takes it to the road, in order to bring the crafty beery goodness to as many hops aficionados as possible. Consider the fact that it has "California" in its very name. And consider the fact that top brewmasters regularly show to chat with beer-o-philes about the finer points of body and heft. It's happening in Ventura on Saturday, Sept. 17 and Sunday, Sept. 18, and the getting-on-the-tickets-situation is heating up like a brew left outside on a summer's day. Why do we use such urgent language? Because the bear told us so.

ABOUT THE BEAR: He's the furry, foam-loving mascot of the event. Makes sense, what with "California" in the name. But when we last popped by the site there was a big photo of the person in a bear suit with the words "Almost Sold Out!" beneath him. So. Listen to the bear. If you want to go to the Ventura party, do not wait to try and score your admission at the gate. It's a popular to-do, so act now. And if you do miss it? Figure that you can catch it on its tour in Claremont or Santa Cruz in the months ahead. A ticket is $45. And shaking hands, or, erm, paws, with the guy in the bear suit? That's totally free, we're gonna guess. Totally free and totally awesome.

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