Vintage Fashion for Halloween

The mondo sartorial fest has fab finds for your Oct. 31.

Nobody is saying anything about the face paints and false mustaches and light-up devil horns and various wigs one sees so much of in stores around October.

We love all that stuff, and if we could carry off face glitter, we certainly would, probably on other days aside from Halloween, if allowed. But sometimes one wants a subtler outfit for Oct. 31, or a get-up that has a bit of meow-meow mixed with a dash of history.

Enter the Vintage Fashion Expo, which is happening at the Civic in Santa Monica on Saturday, Oct. 16 and Sunday, Oct. 17. And while it isn't about Halloween, per se, but rather outfitting fabulous people that like a little something-something in their sartorial expression, it is very lucky indeed that it is happening a fortnight before the costumiest day of the year.

Because. Have you been to a Vintage Fashion Expo? It's a museum, but a wearable one, and the looks you can put together are nearly endless. We're thinking we'd like to go prim librarian circa 1958 this year. Maybe with blue hair. But you can find prim librarian, in our book), or you can find flapper honey, or you can find swirly-hued flower child at the Expo.

And dear librarians everywhere. We recognize that the word "prim" is stuck in front of your job title a lot, perhaps, even, too much. But it is a compliment in our book. It suggests a cool togetherness in a not-always-together world. Thumbs up. Now, where do we find the biography aisle? Thank you.

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