Vintage Prom Time

FOUR DECADES: Everyone but everyone likes an outlandish, dressy-dressy vintage prom. But not everyone likes to see their favorite period of music and clothing left out of the fun. Oftentimes a retro prom night will focus on a single decade -- the 1970s seem very popular, what with the flared pants and the flared sleeves and the flared hair -- but then people who danced to Wham and Howard Jones feel a mite left out. What to do? Do what the Pearl Hotel in San Diego is doing on Saturday, June 25. Incorporate *four decades* in your vintage prom. Make those decades the '50s through the '80s. And ask everyone to come in costume.

DANCE HALL DETAILS: A before-the-date ticket is twenty bucks (thirty for a couple). All funds --that's all money raised -- will help out Community Gives. And there are special stay-over packages at the hotel. Now. We realize the '30s and '40s are not on there. Nor are the '90s and '00s. So if you do go, best recommend to someone at the hotel that Pearl's *next* vintage prom cover those four decades, and on the same night, too. Wowza! We are already thinking of that playlist. Big band meets grunge? So there.

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