Vintage Up Your Pics: The ShakeItPhoto App

SHAKEITPHOTO: We got this terrific, make-something-new-into-something-old tip (thanks Cari in D.C.!) and had to talk about it. Why? Because we're nutty about how photos -- make that instant-semi-browning photos straight from the '70s -- look. This iPhone app will help your latest snapshot go all glow-y and vintage. Hope there's shag rug in the first pic you change. At

THE RESNACKIT BAG: You eat a sandwich every single day. At your desk, in your cube, strolling through the park. Re-Snack It is a washable sandwich bag in a cornucopia of colors and patterns (we like the chocolate chip brown, for obvious reasons). Consistent and devoted sandwich-tologists: Aren't you ready to resnackit? We thought so. At, via

BUTTERED POPCORN CUPCAKE: Yummy makes 'em. How, in the many times we've gone in merely to press our forehead against the cabinet -- sorry, Yummy Cupcakes-- and stare at various vanilla-ish things, did we miss this? It's a fancy little cake with a salt element and popcorn on top. Again, for emphasis: popcorn -- on -- top. Salty/sweet tooth feeling soothed... (check the daily menu; Buttered Popcorn is back for the day on August 22nd)

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