Von Dutch Originals Parking Lot Sale

Stretching our clothing dime? All the time. So when the words "parking lot" and "sale" flit before our eyes, we take notice. Von Dutch on La Brea is putting rubber to the road -- or, rather, denim to the asphalt -- this Saturday at one hugely massive last-of-2008 blowout (in fact, they use the word "hootenanny" even, which just says how massive this thing will get). The discounts run from 25 percent to 75 percent -- numbers we can definitely work with -- and bevs are on the house. This is good and right because everyone, and we mean everyone, needs to stay hydrated while digging through cute clothes. Otherwise you get sweaty and blushy and have to sit down for awhile.

Bargains LA also clued us into a couple of more sales that should extend that little silver coin until it practically begs for mercy:

Charles David Shoes is throwing a Warehouse Sale in Culver City tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. Some of the very fancy footwear on sale will be a tenth of its former price. That's 90 percent off, and that is nice.

Blueprint on Beverly is also hosting a Parking Lot Sale this weekend. Look for deep discountage on its pretty, modern-ish furniture. We like lamps, and lamp browsing we will likely go.

Von Dutch Originals, 819 N. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles

Charles David Shoes Warehouse Sale, 5731 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City

Blueprint Furniture, 8366 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

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