Walking the So-Called Unwalkable City

We've been implored to go on foot. Here's a few wheres to do so.

One gets the sense that the great Missing Persons ditty "Walking in LA" is about to have a small and much-deserved renaissance nearly 30 years after its release.

How could some cagey radio host not play it, several times, in the days ahead of the mega closure of the 405 freeway on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17? We'll wager it'll be on heavy rotation at several stations and clubs.

We've been implored to do some more walking over the weekend (read: less driving). Wags elsewhere might claim such a rebellious act to be impossible 'round these parts, but of course we know better. LA is actually quite walkable, but the key is that it is walkable in spurts.

Correct? It's probably not really a good idea to try to cover our metropolis in one stretch. Kudos though to Mike Schneider at Franklin Avenue for taking that slightly wrong-headed assumption on every year during his great Great Los Angeles Walk. It's an event that proves a person can indeed strut across several SoCal-y miles and enjoy doing so.

But back to those spurts. Feel like trying a few of our most walkable neighborhoods over the July 16-17 weekend? Walk Score has a list. Making the top spot as the most strollable area in all of LosAngelesdom? Why downtown, of course. High up at number 9 is Sawtelle. And there's Valley Village at number 12. Good spots, all. (We appreciate that some will ask "but how will people get to those neighborhoods they want to walk?" Hi, Metro.)

Where does your own area fall on the roster? And will you be not-driving, whatever that may mean, during Carmageddon?

And when you think of Missing Persons' claim that "nobody walks in LA," do you think of that scene in "LA Story" where Steve Martin drives his car three houses down to go see his friend? We do.

If you don't want to walk anywhere, the mayor has two other suggestions. Go on vacation, or have a barbecue.

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