3 Herb Organic Wreath

Eco Express

There are puh-lenty of garish holiday wreaths out there that look like they belong on Regretsy. Oh, they have their charms, but when it comes to seasonal decor, we sometimes want a wall-hanging that can do two things at once.

Doing-two-things-at-once is part of the heart of the 3 Herb Organic Wreath. Or maybe we should say doing one thing well, and then later, another. That first thing is, of course, prettying up a door or wall during the Yuletide, courtesy of green, herb-y bits and red chili peppers. The second is providing rosemary, thyme, and bay leaves to your recipes.

Look, and then later, taste. We're thinking there may be a stew or two in your immediate future. Please make us be right.

The 3 Herb is $39.99, via Eco Express.

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