“Ad Hoc at Home”

There are the cookbook collectors and the cookbook users. It's rare to find a lot of crossover between the two, but it happens on occasion.

The new Thomas Keller book "ad hoc at home" may be the buy that both groups snap up in equal measure. Collectors will like it, for display and for the browsing, because it is from the chef who created the famous French Laundry restaurant.

Cookbook users will like it because it puts the focus on recipes that can be made with stuff you've got in the pantry already, or in the crisper drawer.

We'd hoped to get out to meet Chef Keller at Williams-Sonoma in Santa Monica on Monday, November 9th. Didn't happen, but we're thinking this tome might French Laundry-fy our dinner-making just a wee bit.  A good thing.

Amazon's got it for $28.67.

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