Alicia Keys Tickets

It'll be one of the big spring concerts, in a spring that is shaping up to have more than its share of arena-fillers.

Alicia Keys is headed for Staples Center on April 6th. Tickets will be on sale to the general public starting on Sunday, December 20th. If you've never seen her live, but you've caught her on the TV, the Super Bowl, the award shows, you know Ms. Keys is a stand-up in-person performer.

Just picture the get-in-the-head "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart" live. And so many other Keys-ian hits. By the way, a pop by IMDB says the performer, who acts as well as sings, plays piano, and writes music, will star in a remake of "Bell, Book and Candle." The fun news we were wanting today.

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