“Bad Santa” Suit

Premiere Props

The "Bad Santa" suit turns up for auction the very week that Billy Bob Thornton takes the stage to rock in the holidays.

A bit of seasonal magic? Perhaps. But then movie memorabilia sales happen all year long in our movielicious town, which puts a sparkle in our cheeks. Because. If you really really like a particular film, it must be the best thing to own a bit of it.

Premiere Props is holding a huge auction on Saturday, December 12th in El Segundo. Up on the stage: Billy Bob's "Bad Santa" costume, as mentioned, plus outfits from "Whip It" and "The Blind Side," plus the "Lords of Dogtown" surfboard used by Heath Ledger.

What do you wish for this holiday, cinephiles? There are 500+ items to browse over. Get browsing now.

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