Blocks o’ Buttery Bliss

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Milk & Krunchies

Cupcakes. Let's see. Fancy frozen treats. Puddings. Frou-frou lollies. And the perennial cookie.

We'd write here that "food fashions come and go in LA" but, really, they come and then they stay. Which is a great thing in our books.

Next up, from the childhood-kitchen files: the blocky puffed cereal treat.

Milk & Krunchies is making an old-timey version of the sweet square and selling 'em at Kitson and Joan's on Third. You can already feel the texture of the crunching-in, can't you? We can.

There are various flavors, too; PB&J Sandwich particularly catches our attention.

If you can't get by Joan's or Kitson, you can order Milk & Krunchies boxes online. Will your dearest friend or treasured business associate be expecting crispy sweets? They will not, we'll wager.

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