Creamy-Orange Clean

Clean Well

We're not saying it is our main goal in life to always smell like a giant, human orange Creamsicle. It's just a goal, one of many.

Because the scent of the orange-creamy-vanilla-treat is pleasing to many. Rich, luscious citrus with a Popsicle-stick kick. It's even better when you don't have to eat it but you can suds up with it.

We came across the Orange Vanilla soap by CleanWell, a company out of San Francisco, at Target. Every single person who uses has practically shouted "ohhhh, Creamsicle!" from the depths of the kitchen.

Which is saying something. They also make scents like Ginger Bergamot and Spearmint Lime, too. It's sold all over, in addition to Target.

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