Crock-Pot Double Dipper


TWO HOT DIPS TOGETHER: The recent rise in obsessing over all things Crock-Pot may prove to be one of the great unsung food trends of early 2010. Seems we couldn't pop by Facebook without coming across another huge Crock Pot recipes group. Because. Crock Pot. Easy. It's a pot, with a plug. Then, beef stew! In mere hours. But alas, those wizards of Crock-Pottery have maybe gone one better with the Double Dipper. It's a Crock-Pot with two sides. Genius, that. Have your queso and your artichoke dip, warm, at the very same time. DOUBLE DIPPER: We think it is an excellent addition to your next at-home get-together. Price is $24.99.

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