Eggnog Soap

Sniff sniff. Is that...nutmeg? Wafting from your skin?

There are those out there that not only like the smell of creamy edible deliciousness, they want to smell like creamy edible deliciousness. (Hand raised over here.) Scrubbing the mitts with Eggnog Soap from fun-things-maker Archie McPhee is a fine start.

Are you quite the nog nut? Know one? It's $5.95. We bought one a few months back. The old-fashioned tin charmed. The little holiday, um, thingabobs playing instruments called to us. And the fact that eggnog is the star sealed the delicious deal.

The only thing left to do is soap up with this baby and then have a glass of eggnog. Full-on eggnoggery, top to bottom.

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