Free Easy iPhone Self Pics App

EASY SELF PICS: Taking a self portrait or family picture (with you in the shot) on an iPhone can be tricky. But with Gorillacam, it's a snap. It will even take up to three snaps at a time. Plus, it's free.

The new app has a built in self-timer that takes timed photos. Perfect for group shots and self-portraits. Other cool features include a time-lapse function and a full screen button that takes the guess work out of where to press when doing a self pic.

There's even an on screen grid and level to help you frame the perfect shot. The app also lets you take as many photos as you want at super high speed. You can keep shooting while your photos save in the background-- no more waiting between shots.

DOWNLOAD IT: Get the Gorillacam in the app store gratis.

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