Great LA Walk Togs

Cafe Press

It's nearly here. The route looks amazing. And you've carbed up plenty, we hope.

The last thing you'll need to do -- well, the next to the last thing -- is check out the route for the 2009 Great Los Angeles Walk (Adams and Washington Boulevards are the street-based stars, and there's plenty of crookedy-zig-zaggery to keep the strut interesting). And all the FAQ-ness and what you'll need to bring and not bring, et cetera and so forth.

Now the last thing you need to do is check out all the cute Great Los Angeles Walk clothing up at Cafe Press. You won't get it in time for the Saturday, November 21st walk, but you'll definitely have it in time for the 2010 walk, which we're sure Franklin Avenuer Mike Schneider will start planning, oh, starting on Sunday.

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