Holiday Nog Mix

We'd nog all year long if it weren't for people's judgements and whispers.

Oh, who cares about judgements and whispers? People can get over it. Because we love the nog, and we've got to start nogging at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving to Christmas, all nog, all the time.

We popped by Surfas to see what sort of seasonal items they had on offer, because we can't take the turkey out of the pan with two teensy shrimp forks again. We need real tools, and of course Surfas has 'em, including tongs and spears and other shiny implements we've never heard of.

They also sell Fee Brothers Holiday Nog Mix, which is all we need to know. It's $5.50, and all you need to do once you purchase it is add rum and milk or, we suppose, the libations of your choosing.

Let the nogging commence.

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