inPulse Smartwatch


You've got a Blackberry. You've ignored your wrist-region for too long. There's help on the way.

inPulse is a wristwatch that alerts you to incoming messages and calls coming on your Blackberry. Like the company says, "fumbling around with your phone" will be a thing of the past.

It's all about the discreet glancing downward toward the arm vicinity. You're practicing that now, we hope.

The pre-order is on now. It's $149. And it looks simultaneously like something kids wore in 1983 and something kids will wear in 2040.

By the way, wristwatch? A beautiful and not-at-all old-fashioned term. We realize watches and timekeepers have moved to other places beyond our wrists these last few years, but we still hold the wristwatch near and dear.

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