LARC Award Tix


Toasting creativity born and realized in Los Angeles is nice. Doing so inside the Urban Light sculpture at LACMA is nice, too. Maybe nice is the wrong word. It is pretty of the nice grid in terms of its nice-o-sity.

The Los Angeles Real Creativity Awards will be honoring a quarter of individuals who have thunk outside the box, kicked the box aside, or maybe even used the box to sit on while they did their thinking. Land and shared spaces are part of the heart of this org, but bet on meeting some people in many fields who make innovation job #1.

It's all happening Saturday, December 5th. Tickets are $125 for non-Urban Land Institute members. And the pre-cocktails will be under/inside Chris Burden's Urban Light at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A Wolfgang Puck dinner will follow "across Wilshire" to 5900 Wilshire.

Creativity, cocktails, the coolest setting on Wilshire and possibly the planet. Cheers!

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