Michael Stars Cowl-Neck Sweater

Fringe-y scarves and drop-neck tops and colorful diamond-pattern tights. Michael Stars is a good line to turn to when you need that one thing to add oomph.

And when those belts and tops sweaters and sequin tees go on sale, deeply on sale, the oomphing can commence at once. On Saturday, December 5th, Michael Stars, along with Paige Premium Denim, is holding a sample sale in Hawthorne.

The deals: 60-80% shaved off all kinds of wearables, dresses, jeans, a whole kaboodle. Hours are 8AM-3PM.

Now back to that sequin tee... It's very holidayish, and, even sans the sample sale, it is under a hundred bucks. Far under, at $76. Could work for a nice dinner this month.

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