Nooka Glow-in-the-Dark Watch


NUMBERS AT NIGHT: The mysteries of items that glow gray-green after dark still appeal to adults, long after childhood days have finished. Maybe it is thrill of slipping into a windowless pantry or closet, with a best buddy, to admire the full effects of glow-in-the-dark tee or hat. This Nooka Zub ZenH 20 Watch has put us in its slip-into-the-pantry thrall. It glows, and the bar-like, early-1970s-sci-fi-thriller way of telling time could cause those who boast not a trace of geekedness to fully geek out. GLOW NOW: Kinski, that LA-based design hub, is the place we found it. It's $130. Get it online, but note that Kinski also has a store downtown.

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