Rock Royalty

Martinez Family
Morgan Zalot

We've seen just about every bit of headwear out there. The oh-so-prim headband, the stretchy terry tennis sweatband, the glittery barrette. But we hadn't yet seen a full-on crown.

Could the crown be the next fashion-of-the-noggin trend? We hope, because this take on it, from, is ethereal gorgeousness in convenient wearable form. Nie Nie Dialogues introduced us to the LA artists who create beautiful bands and crowns and clips and corsages.

There are some luxe ones that are ideal wedding wear, and the crown pictured, which is called Rock Royalty. Great name. But we're also eyeing the pretties that are all under $50.

We like any article that can be worn with panache upon the head. Quite obviously does, too. In fact, who's against panache? No one.

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