Starshine Roshell Book

We're sweet on not-boring names. We were just waxing rhapsodic over Sunset's own Peter Fish, and how lucky he is, to be a Fish. But our most favorite sugar-on-top ever-and-ever California writer name has to be Starshine Roshell.

Did Ms. Roshell, with her galactic given name and all, grow up in Los Angeles as the daughter of arty, adventurous types? Why indeedy she did. She now scribes from Santa Barbara, writing witty thoughts and tongue-in-cheek-ish ruminations, many of which have been collected into a book all her own. It's called "Keep Your Skirt On," and we're guessing there will be puh-lenty of observations about living la vida Golden State while raising a young family and not losing various mind parts.

She's funny. Hook into her blog, get her book, bask in the Starshine.

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